June, 15 2017

Reasons to Switch to Electronic Work Instructions

Modern technology is constantly evolving and bringing us new tools to make our lives easier and simpler. From e-readers, to online magazines, to digital appointment books, new technology has allowed us to move away from expensive, bulky, and environmentally damaging paper methods. This technology can also help us achieve simplification in the workplace. If your company is still printing your work instructions here are some reasons why you should switch to electronic:

Going Green. Saving Green.

Eliminating paper instructions is big step to help cut down on your company’s carbon footprint. Whether the rest of your business operates paperless or whether this is your first step to going green, cutting back on the amount of paper used within your company makes for a cleaner work environment, not to mention a cleaner global environment. Making the transition from paper to electronic work instructions will also help you eliminate the costs that come from the paper, ink, and printers/copiers (along with costs used to maintain this equipment) that are used to maintain this process. You also eliminate the space and costs related to storing these documents.

Accessibility & Security

Using electronic work instructions also gives your team the ability to easily access the documents they need, while at the same time, keeping the information secure by being able to limit an employee’s access. Your employees will no longer have to dig through filing cabinets and you never need to worry about them losing a document. With your documents online, your files are also secured against physical harm, such as flood or fire.

Consistency & Flexibility

Electronic work instructions also ensure that your whole team is using the same standard. By eliminating paper, you eliminate the possibility for out-of-date versions of the instructions to continue to circulate. This also gives your company the flexibility to update your standards as needed, to adapt to situations as they arise, and as you discover better ways of operating. Using electronic work instructions allows you to make these changes and have them immediately available to the entire team.

Simplify the Way You Work

Switching from paper to electronic work instructions can provide a multitude of benefits for your company. It can help you clean up your work environment, cut down on your carbon footprint, and save you money. It allows your team access to the documents they need, eliminates the time and space wasted on filing, storing, and retrieving them, and protects against loss. And it gives you flexibility to adapt and change by updating the entire team, ensuring consistency. New technology can help you move away from the cost and hassle of paper. It’s time to make your workplace easier and simpler than ever before.