--- Where We Started ---

Our company began as a small branch of the technology department of Re-Source Industries, a Michigan-based manufacturing company. Re-Source wanted to create a system that would help them meet ISO compliance standards but didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on an over-the-top ERP system. The IT team set out to create a solution for managing visual work instructions, inspection, downtime, and scrap data, and gage calibration.

The result became an indispensable part of the company's business. Over the years, customers and colleagues saw the system and their reactions made it clear: this was a solution that they couldn't keep to themselves.

PSI was created to bring this idea to the web, so companies could access these tools, no matter where they were located, and get fast, easy updates without having to worry about purchasing and installing new software. A main goal for PSI was to help manufacturers get all of the features they needed, while not over-loading it with unnecessary features; keeping it simple, easy-to-use, and with a price point that was attainable.

What We Do

PSI is an online, subscription-based application for creating, sharing, and managing electronic work instructions, as well as collecting inspection, downtime, and scrap data, and providing you with real-time production monitoring and reporting.

We know many manufacturers are still reliant on word-processors and printers to create and distribute their work instructions. We also know there is a better way. Our application provides you with a platform to create step-by-step instructions that can be shared with your entire team and updated with ease. Ensuring everyone is on the same page, while cutting down on the time and resources it takes to manage all of that excess paper floating around your shop.

We also know many manufacturers who are facing a similar battle managing inspection data, relying on pen and paper logs for inspection values that then has to be entered and managed in a spreadsheet. We offer a platform that allows operators to enter data and easily generate reports.

Factory Worker Using a Tablet

Smiling Factory Workers Holding a Tablet

What We're All About

PSI is dedicated to helping manufacturers do their work with efficiency, ease, and affordability. We aim to create software that gives you tools to make your processes simpler and your teams more knowledgeable. Whether it is providing your teams with work instructions, establishing better control over your processes, or gaining insights about your jobs and productivity, we are here to bring you technology to achieve these goals.

We strive to make our application full of features that you need while at the same time remaining user-friendly. We have also designed the system without excessive features to keep things simple and affordable.

We work closely with experienced manufacturers to understand their needs and to create solutions that can truly help them do their work with more efficiency and ease. We understand every customer has unique needs and we strive to be more than just a product that you use but a team to support you in your work.